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As an advisor Peak 9 is called upon to support both new and established businesses. We identify and evaluate the state of your organizations data aptitude and utilization.  We provide a comprehensive assessment of your company’s data, opportunities and risks making recommendations that lead to a strategy.  In addition, we assess your technology and its ability to support your data infrastructure and commercialization.

Governance & Quality

It’s no longer the Wild West and with mounting regulations and compliance requirements, Peak 9 defines policies and protocols to align with your business needs.  We build the rules governing data standards, security, and privacy, as well as help you stay on the forefront of upcoming legislation and international regulations.

Standardizing and managing every data point is daunting.  High quality data is imperative so that it ensures readiness for consumption to drive data science initiatives, machine learning and artificial intelligence, analytics, and reporting.  

Catalog & Lineage

Every data point has a source-of-truth and point of origin.  Peak 9 uncovers and documents a data point’s journey enabling your technology and data scientists to effectively transform data into meaningful entities and stories.  Through the data discovery process your data points captured, which enables defining them and determines how best to govern and manage them.  Also, your metadata is essential for security and privacy, and we help build these relationships in the documentation and requirements we create for your business.

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